Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Trick for Greasy Roots

Most people with curly/ethnic hair like mine do not have a problem with greasy hair. It's the opposite--we're always looking for ways to extra hydrate. But tonight had me thinking about tricks that people with hair I'd always imagined as ideal and "easy" use to deal with hair dilemmas.

It started when two White ladies told me what is apparently common knowledge in the world of authentic straight-blonde living: When your hair gets greasy 'cause you just can't wash it every day, put some baby powder on the roots. It will soak up the grease and will blend into your light-colored hair. (It also works if your hair is gray.) I never knew this when I was playing the blonde girl years back, though my hair was so over-processed and dry that putting anything else in it--even something mild enough for a baby's butt--would've probably caused it to fall out.

Don't use too much or it will turn your hair white, the women say.

So there it is. My first thought after listening to the girls describe this hair trick was that it was interesting but will never relate to my life. Then again...                 Though now I'm a veritable expert on mixed-chick kinky hair, just watch-- one day I'll birth a child with surprisingly straight, blond hair. Or maybe I'll adopt one. That's exactly how life works, right? Whatever you believe you're perfectly prepared for doesn't happen. But at least now I'm armed with one trick if a little blonde comes into my life. 


Erin said...

They also make "dry shampoo" for the same purpose (but I have a feeling the baby powder trick works the same and is cheaper).

And you're right about the blonde or gray hair thing--I tried dry shampoo (once), and on dark hair it leaves a visible residue (yuck).

remy hair said...

Well! i think it is not good for hair.i don't understand why you prefer baby powder in hair.
Thanks for sharing.