Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Calling All Birthparents

The American Adoption Congress has taken this opportunity with Oprah's story in the media to encourage biological/natural/birth parents to come forward and sign petitions for support of original birth certificate access for adopted adults. I recently heard that when advocates in Oregon collected 500+ signatures on a similar petition in 1998, they drew the attention of a Seattle newspaper that ran it as a full-page ad, which helped change public opinion in that state regarding the need for access. Oregon is now one of the few states that allows adoptee access to original birth certificates.

Please forward the link below to any birthparents you know.

Calling All Birthparents



Thanks for supporting adoption reform.


Roberta MacDonald said...

Liberty, Thank you on the behalf of AAC for posting the link. We now have over 600 names and the list is growing. I hope that more will sign, and we can end up with thousands of birthparents names. This will help to sway the legislators who use birthparent confidentiality as a means of killing our access bills.

scott said...

Thank you for the heads up, I signed up, maybe this will get me one step closer to knowing my daughter...and her knowing me..