Monday, January 17, 2011

In Honor of MLK: I Have a Dream...

...that one day there will be no foster kids.

Can you imagine what that might mean? That all mothers/fathers, in all circumstances, will have the support they need to keep their children.  No children will be raised separated from their birth culture or divorced from ethnic ties. Orphanages will not exist. Adoption agencies will not exist. Adoption search specialists will no longer be needed--no more for the show "The Locator." Closed records will be a thing of the past. No more adoption memoirs. No more adoption conferences and advocacy organizations. No need for support groups or therapy to deal with loss, grief, separation, abandonment that comes with adoption. No need for "culture camps" to connect transnational adoptees with their birth culture. No more transracially adopted girls struggling with ethnic hair that doesn't match their parents' and the constant wondering (and sometimes fear) about where it came from.

No more of this blog.