Monday, December 27, 2010

Moms Living Clean Documentary

Filmmaker Sheila Ganz is putting together a documentary about mothers trying to get clean from substance abuse in order to keep their kids--specifically at a rehab facility called Center Point Inc in California that support recovery while providing childcare (so the women don't have to be separated from their kids as they recover--a stressor which no doubt would make recovery even harder and is always tough on kids.) I saw a portion of the film at a conference last year--it's quite moving. Ganz notes that we need more programs like Center Point so that children of women trying to get clean don't get automatically placed into foster care. Ganz still needs funds in order to complete the film--please help support! Here's the Web site with more info on how to help.

Moms Living Clean - trailer from Sheila Ganz on Vimeo.

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Sheila Ganz said...

Hi Liberty, Thank you so much for posting the trailer for my documentary-in-progress Moms Living Clean. I have a fundraising campaign going on right now at this website -
Wishing you All the Best for the New Year!
Warmly, Sheila