Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Absurdity of Closed Adoptions

Check out powerhouse adoption advocate Jean Strauss's article in the Huffington Post detailing the absurdity of closed adoptions. (Absurd sums it up perfectly.) It focuses on a case in my homestate Illinois: an adopted woman found pre-cancerous breast lesions and her doctor told her to get BRCA DNA tests to see if she carries the gene for breast/ovarian cancer. Her insurance company refused to pay for it because she couldn't prove family medical history. A judge refused to release her records, stating that he'd only do so if she had Stage IV cancer. Outrageous, right? Emphasis on rage. Luckily Illinois is opening records next November, but still--time might be of the essence for this woman, and it's not fair that she must wait.

Please visit the article and add comments. The more the media and legislators see that this is an important issue for many citizens--not just the thousands of adoptees whose physical and emotional health are affected--the more likely changes will be made in the 40 U.S. states that continue to seal birth certificates.

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