Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PostSecrets from inside the Adoption Triad

I swear my roommate finds as many (if not more) references to adoption in media/movies/news than I do.

A Post Secret, one of many I've seen from an adoptee, adoptive parent, birth mom:

But then a rebuttal from another secret-poster:

Please oh please don't believe all adopted kids feel this way. I need you...Please look for us. I'm looking for you.

Postsecret seems a perfect fit for sending your secret, scary, confusing feelings about adoption--the things you're too scared to say aloud--as they are anonymous. It's congruent with the culture of closed adoption itself, what with all the name changing and grief and secrets. But when I read a Postsecret from someone touched by adoption it makes me sad because I fear that person is alone with his/her feelings and may not have any other way to explore them. That's a very isolating place to be.

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