Monday, November 22, 2010

National Adoption Month and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

It's November and National Adoption Month, when adoption gets more attention in the media and adoption agencies around the country increase their advertising (and partly why I haven't posted as much this month--everybody else is doing my work right now!)

Take a commercial from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption from their "I'm Just a Kid" campaign. It's true that you don't hear much from DT about the problems of foster care or the complications of, for example, cross-racial or cross-cultural adoption, but there's one thing you've got to hand it to them for: they keep their ads focused on the kids. Because THAT is what adoption should be about. (No "here's how you can complete your family while rescuing someone" bent.) You don't see a lot of adoptive parents or huge smiling families in their commercials. This one shows all different kinds of kids at all ages and mostly Black who are waiting for homes. An accurate portrayal, from what I know.

Some adoption people out there are gonna hate on me for being so kind to the Dave Thomas Foundation, but I think it's valuable to take a moment and recognize the good of what's happening out there too.


Sunday said...

Here, her! You got to be true to your self and your stand, being a foster care alumnus I can’t just be totally anti-adoption…end of story. It is not that easy, for me. There is a bout load of problems with the system, but it is the kids who are caught in the middle, I am for the kids…END OF STORY

Liberty said...

I agree--thanks for saying that!

Campbell said...

For the kids!