Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Muslim Woman Denied Foster Parent License Because of Pork-Free Home

A Muslim woman in Baltimore was denied her fostercare license because she does not allow pork in her home. She is Black, a mother of five, married, and a former foster kid herself. She passed screenings and 50 hours of training. The agency is, of course, denying that anti-Muslim bias had anything to do with their decision to deny her, stating that she just seemed "inflexible" during interviews.

I first heard this story on The Daily Show, and I kept hoping it was a joke. In their parody "Pork or Parents" below, they ask 4 foster kids whether they'd prefer A.) their group-home situation with lots of pork, or B.) a stable foster parent home. (Notice they are all Black. Notice they are not laughing.) You can guess their response.  

This is outrageous. The woman lives in a decent neighborhood, she can relate to foster kids in a way many foster parents cannot, she wants to open her home to kids who don't have one. We need more foster parents everywhere in this country. There's a trend I've noticed even with the small agency I work with--the good foster homes that are willing to take any child for any length of time eventually end up with 12+ kids in their home. The need is that bad. 

Let's get our priorities straight.


Amanda said...

How awful.

We'd all probably be better off without pork any way!

Maryland's public foster system has not impressed me in recent years :-(

Anonymous said...

Yes unfortunately it is true. I worked for this agency at one time, which by the way is not the Maryland Public Foster Care system, they merely place the children that come through the system into foster homes. This agency on their own decided this ridiculous act, the company itself is of poor quality and leadership and the state should investigate them and really should be shut down for more reasons than one.

Liberty said...

Thanks for your insight! I suppose it's good this isn't necessarily sanctioned by the entire state of Maryland, though I agree the state should stop it!