Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Jordan Miles Case Continues

As we await justice for Jordan Miles (the kid who was brutally beaten by police when walking to his grandmother's house seven months ago), the Pittsburgh police officers under investigation are earning some good money from the city.

As reported by the City Paper, the police officers, who have been placed on leave from the force, have been receiving inordinately large paychecks. Larger paychecks than they get when actually working. Paychecks that include overtime, costing the city nearly $100,000 of taxpayer money.

I don't understand why these cops haven't been dismissed. Some people are even insisting they do jail time for their crime. They beat up an unarmed teenager. They lied about saying the kid had a Mountain Dew bottle that they mistook for a weapon.

It's tough to look at the kid's face post-beating, but here it is.

The city needs to crack down on these police officers and send a message that this kind of senseless brutality from the people who are supposed to protect us won't be tolerated.

You can get involved with the Justice for Jordan Miles campaign and the newly formed Alliance for Police Brutality here.

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