Sunday, August 22, 2010

Color Blind: A Memoir by Precious Williams

It's a new memoir about an African girl growing up the fostercare system in Britian.

My friend and fellow adoption advocate Kate interviews the author on her blog, where she dispels the notion that Britian is "racism-free." (I hate when people from other countries say to me "America has such issues with race--we don't have that" Please!) She articulates the connection between colonialism and transracial adoption:
"In Britain we tend to pride ourselves on being happily multicultural – I think my books asks some questions about whether that is really true. Trans-racial fostering and colonialism are closely intertwined. Many of the African parents who felt giving their children to white strangers would ensure the child had an advantage absorbed this idea while growing up under colonial rule themselves, back in Africa."
Check out the full interview here

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Anonymous said...

thanks for linking in Libby! i just finished reading this book; it is an excellent read and i highly recommend it. i hope to post a few comments on my blog about it soon...