Monday, August 16, 2010

Black Hair Blog

Check out this awesome and beauty-licious blog called "Black Girl with Long Hair: Celebrating the Dopeness of Natural Hair," which features haircare tips and styles from naturals around the world.

It's based out of Chicago, where the writers have started sponsoring meet-ups where folks can congregate and celebrate...HAIR. I love it. Celebrating natural/ethnic hair always feels like a type of protest for me, as for many of us it's tangled up in issues of race, femininity, beauty, self-esteem, and identity. Celebration of this hair is celebration of being a Black woman, of not conforming to the straight-hair beauty norm of yore. It is freedom.

Just because...Here is my hair, free and natural, at a writing workshop that celebrates/nurtures minority writers (I always have my hands in my hair when I'm writing for some reason):

Next time I'm in Chicago I am calling Tara, my birth cousin--whose hair is just like mine--and we are gonna check out one of those meet-ups. I'll be calling you too, Ronni!

Now, if I could figure out how to get Pitt to sponsor bringing this author to campus...

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Ronni said...

I was gonna say you'd better call me! I will email you my number--I don't know if you have it.

My curls are way tighter than yours. I love yours. You have what I call "cool hair." :)