Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Embryo Mix-Up Baby

You've probably heard about the fertility clinic mixup, where a woman accidentally ended up carrying another couple's (The Morell's) embryo. The woman, Carolyn Savage, carried the child full term, then gave it to its biological parents. Unbeknownst to her, she became a surrogate mother! The Today Show featured the Savages while Carolyn was pregnant, and then the happy bio parents with seven-month-old Logan Morell last week.

On the show the Morell's talk about how grateful they are to Mrs. Savage for carrying their baby full term. They are calling him their "miracle baby," and they've written a book about the experience. They are on good terms, it appears, with the Savages, and they keep them up to date on Logan's progress. They even visit at Christmastime.

But, when the Morell's appeared on the Today Show last week, the Savages were not there. They said they were not yet prepared to talk about the events, that they had been much more difficult than anticipated. Of course, I'm thinking, it just make sense. Carolyn bonded with that baby for nine months. She had to relinquish him right away, just as though she were a birth mother giving up her child for adoption. This woman's decision situation was just as harrowing as a birth mother's. She had to decide between either aborting the child or giving birth and then giving it up, and she had originally WANTED to get pregnant in the first place.

At least the Morell's are acknowledging Mrs. Savage's sacrifice, and treating her as a mother who should be part of her child's life. I hope that adoptive parents see this and recognize the importance and sacrifice of their child's birth mother.

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