Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My roommate Adri saw a Project Runway model who had hair just like mine done up in a sweet-looking mohawk style that--because of its texture--was appropriately deemed a 'fro hawk. (notice on the Web site how they misplaced the apostrophe, don't they know know "fro" is short for "afro"?)

We decided we had to try it. We found directions on how to use Garnier Fructis products to fashion the hair in this style, mixing the "super stiff gel" with "fiber gum putty" to create an incredible cement-like paste. Adri went to work smoothing the sides of my hair with the crazy paste and using dozens of bobby pins to hold it up into a bonafide frohawk. Seems like it would've worked better if my hair were dirtier--instructions said to wash it before styling, but, as I suspected, my post-wash hair was a bit on the soft end and therefore not as likely to "stick." Plus the front was so long that it flopped down to my nose--not neatly above my eyes like the model's. Adri improvised with a bouffant style instead. It worked! In our opinion anyway.

Here's the end result. 

As the day went on, my hair settled into the style, as the curls shrank up and frizzed into place. Several people throughout the day told me I looked "punk," which is something I've never heard before. I've been accused of being "girly" or "smart" in my style, but never punk. (I think the shades did it.) 
Check out Adri's Youtube video of it all below.



Ronni said...

You look gorgeous. You totally rocked that. And these vids made me miss you TONS. I wish we could have another sleepover. *hugs*

Peppermint Patty said...

Girl, you are crazy! In a good way! LOL!!!

I am Muzik said...


I love it! high 5!! I have done my hair like that a couple of times and people were amazed by it. I have to say it worst best when you hair isn't freshly washed. Thanks for the video lol it was funny. You should def rock your hair out like that more often! Peace!

Erin said...

Ditto to Ronni--loved the 'frohawk, and the video made me miss you. You should totally rock that 'do for a night out on the town. Then you can party like a rockstar :)