Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Biological Family Steppin' Up to the Plate!

Check out this multimedia story of a biological uncle taking in a niece and nephew he never even knew about.

It's part of a search-for-relatives program with the St. Louis Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition. The program focuses on seeking reunification, if not with a birth parents then with a birth family member (also known as kinship care). This is a better use of time and resources for the agency, as well as potentially better and more stable for the kids in foster care. Especially considering the fact that it can be so hard for these kids to find permanent homes, what with the popularity of international adoption instead of domestic, and the fact that most of these kids are not infants, which is what most adoptive parents want. It's sad to think that adoption has turned into an industry that caters to adoptive parents--sometimes at the expense of the best outcome for kids or birth families--because they are the paying customers, but often it is the truth.

We need more programs like this one!

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