Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Hair Adventure with Adri: Bangs!

Yesterday Adri decided that she was bored with her hair. "Let's chop it all off--do you have scissors?" she says to me.

It cracks me up that she thinks I know how to style other people's hair. I try to tell her that it took me a quarter century to learn how to do my OWN hair, that my hair obsessions stem from the cultural meanings of ethnic hair and not my ability to actually style hair of any kind. She dismisses these pleas and insists I do something.

"How about we give you bangs?" I ask tentatively.

She agrees, and it turns out this was not simply my way of skirting a major hair crisis that she'd have to run to the salon to fix, but a brilliant idea.

It looks absolutely wonderful on her, don't you agree?

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korean war baby said...

Her eyes are like, framed and actually accentuated, really like it! Hmmm, wonder if my Korean wife would do that? Most dumb guys won't notice the change but I think they WILL be drawn like a magnet or an oasis of water pulling a thirsty man.
Can you help me with my beard, seems I shaved half of it off and cannot decide which way is best...