Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haitian Adoptions, con't

Apparently 15 children have gone missing from hospitals in Haiti since the earthquake. Another reason why aid organizations such as UNICEF have been warning officials to tread carefully with these accelerated adoptions, as there is a high risk of child trafficking in this country.

A chief executive of the children's organization Plan International had this to say:
"You can speed up the process but not cut corners. We must keep in mind that the first best choice is to have children with family members. And the second best choice is to have them in their own community with responsible adults taking care of them."
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I just hope and pray for the best possible outcome for these kids. If their families are alive and they step forward, I hope they are heard and supported. Adoption should always be an option for mothers-adopters-kids, but it should always be a last resort for the child.

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