Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Rock the Short 'Do

Speaking of Miss Jessie's Grow-Out-Challenge (see 12.22 post), I've been thinking a lot about Big Chops these days. Big Chops, as in, chopping relaxed hair down close to the roots to start over and start natural. Or maybe you just want the short look. Solange Knowles did it earlier this year, causing an uproar from the media. People made nasty comments such as, "She look like a man" or "She looks like a cancer patient." I say she looks great.

Here are some pics of my cousin (a new cousin!) Carla's super cute short look. I think her short hair accentuates her face and brings attention to her eyes. She can play it up with accessories--big earrings, etc.

Love this short hair. I say, Rock on, sisters!


Ronni said...

I still have not drummed up the courage to do the big chop! I keep saying I want more length, I want more length. I need to just DO IT. :O I mean, the sooner I do it, the sooner I can enjoy my natural curls.

Liberty said...

You can do it, Ronni lady! You've gone seven full months already! That's awesome.

How did those hair products work out, btw?