Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot New Hair Ingredient: Carrot

Every so often the hair industry decides to endorse a new "hot" ingredient. It's like how acai is suddenly the superfruit of the decade, and everyone at Sephora is obsessed with grape for the skin. Right now I'm hearing lots of hair buzz about carrot.

We all know the nutritional value of eating carrots--they're chock full of nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D, and B1; potassium, carotenes, etc. Good for the body. Good for eyesight. And, as with many things that are good for the body, carrots are apparently wonderful for your hair and scalp too. Some people think it's odd to put live nutrients and vitamins on hair because hair is dead, but it really can make a difference. Your hair can be the part of your body most subjected to the harsh environment--wind, sun, free radicals. Why not use natural fruits and veggies to bring it back to life? I've tried various edible concoctions on my hair in the past --peaches mixed with potato water, fresh squeezed lemon, mashed avocados with almond oil. Fruit is where it's at, folks.
Today I tried Carrot Oil Hair Food by Salon Pro. It has jojoba oil (remember when that was the big thing?) and added keratin. The top of the bottle is slit like fins because you're supposed to squeeze it onto your scalp first and then comb it through. (The label actually says to brush it through your hair, but brushes are a big no-no in my world.)

It smells like V8 Splash on my head, which I think I'm okay with. As for oil, it works well. Nothing too special. Moisturizing. Slightly sticky, but overall kept my hair feeling healthy and nourished even though it was a disgustingly rainy day today. Seems to dissipate after about seven hours. I'd say the best thing about it is that it cost me $1.99.

I've officially jumped on the carrot bandwagon. Now I'm waiting for acai hair mousse to hit the stores.

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