Sunday, November 29, 2009

Speaking of Reunions

I haven't been sure how or when to post about this, but I'll just say a little for now.

Last week, right before Thanksgiving, I made contact with my biological paternal family. They...sort of...found me. It's complicated, but probably the most unique thing about it is how the connection was made: through Facebook.

Out of respect to the family (my family!) I'll refrain from going into too much detail at this point. It's all very fresh and new, and these things are always tricky at first. I'm not sure what will come of this. I do know that there is a sense of relief because I have answers to things that have always been important but yet persistently remained unresolved because of that "secret" part of closed adoption--my family health history, my racial heritage, more pieces of the puzzle.

If you pray, think of me and these newborn connections as we navigate relationships and what exactly it means to be family. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Libby, I will be praying for you. From my experiences of being reunited with my brother and father, I know some of how that must feel. It's a vulnerable, hesitant, exciting place to be.

Susan said...

Libby, my heart leapt out of my chest when I read this. I AM thinking of you, sending warm thoughts, support, and all that as you navigate this brand new territory. I'm here if you ever want to talk/email/etc. Keep breathing!