Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adoptions Finalized in Pittsburgh

Today I read an uplifting article about 49 foster-care adoptions that took place in Allegheny County this weekend, a celebration of National Adoption Day. Check it out on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette site here.

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Jessenia said...

this is definitely great news! you know i have been going back and forth thinking about adoption day an adoption month and whether it is necessary. sometimes it can feel like we dont want to be remembered that we are adoptee's, but at the same after i read such articles like you have written that brings a whole new light. just as the judge mentioned in this article you posted article, its normally a awful time for a foster child or adoptee to have to face becoming adopted before a judge, but with having all those festivities it become s a joyous moment and it brings a positive outlook for a child. in the end, thats what really matters, the love for the child and peace.