Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have You Heard? Mainstream Media Cares About Black Hair.

Apparently mainstream media has become interested in the age-old Black hair debates. Newsweek recently attacked Angelina Jolie's daughter Zahara, basically saying that it's obvious Angelina has no idea how to care for ethnic hair and nor does she care. And in no simple terms said that little Zahara looks "unkempt." Fury arise! Oh boy. The blogosphere is blowing up in response.

The thing is, folks, it's all in the way you talk about this issue. Because black hair can be all tied up in racial issues, female identity, etc., you have to speak with compassion and with a full understanding of all the issues. You also must take care not to make assumptions about what issues or motivations individuals have, because you're probably wrong.

A blog post about the Newsweek article that does just that can be found on What About Our Daughters. Check out the 130+ comments too.

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There's a bit on hair on the Bitch Ph.D. blog, too: