Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Open Access Rights

Who are the only people in this country denied access to their original birth certificates, which are fully and forever owned by the government?
(a) Illegal aliens
(b) Criminals on death row
(c) Adopted persons

If you answered (c), you got it.

Adopted people whose records are sealed may have difficulty obtaining genetic health history, may never have a chance to know who their parents were, and--as some argue--may never have a chance to know who they are. As my friend Rachel at threerootsadoption.org pointed out, take one look at the hot debate over Obama's birth certificate and you will see why it's so important.

Seems like a basic human right, you say? Exactly. Check out this video.


Peppermint Patty said...


Can you explain to me "why" this was put into effect to begin with? So people "back in the day", because it was a stigma to be young, unwed and pregnant, could hide their identity and not have a child show up at their doors 18 yrs later?

Does my question make sense because it sounds like I'm talking in circles. :)

AndiWrite said...


I love your blog! I was just talking about this very issue with a close friend who adopted a son. There is no information, anywhere, kept by the state (Ohio) about his biological parents. His original birth certificate was destroyed (!) when the adoption became final. In his case, his parents have been open with him and have kept all the information they have for whenever he wants it (he's seven). But for other adoptees in Ohio, if their adopted parents won't give them the information, or don't have it, they're out of luck. I don't understand this--how can the state erase your past and say you have no right to it?

AndiWrite said...

Sorry--I just realized you might not recognize my blog name!

Your former MGH freelance proofreader,