Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lunch with adoption author Kate St. Vincent Vogl

Yesterday I had lunch with Marianne Novy (left, adoption guru of the universe and my advisor--I'm so lucky!) and Kate St. Vincent Vogl (right, writer/teacher/editor from MN). Kate is in town reading from her recent memoir, Lost and Found, about her experience as an adoptee whose birth mother found her through her mother's obituary. Quite a unique way enter reunion!

Kate is a warm, welcoming person, and she shared with us her experiences reconnecting with birth family, writing the memoir, navigating the delicate process of writing about loved ones (how to do it, when/if to show them your words), finding an agent, finding a publishing house, and going on book tour. She's had success going with a small-ish press (North Star Press), and was able to get printed books within a few weeks of signing a contract so she could sell copies at the AAC conference this year. Impressive. It just goes to show there's not one way to get a book out there...

It sounds like Kate's reunion experience was a positive one, and that she's maintained a strong connection with her mother. No doubt she's still gone through the same tumultuous emotions as the rest of us--the attachment, the loss, the grief. Looking through the book initially, I see a weaving of themes--an anecdote of Vogl's father getting engaged weaved into her own engagement story, ruminations on daughterhood weaved into stories of motherhood. This is the way we encounter life, is it not? Relating our stories to others', finding the connections that lie beneath the surface. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story!

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Susan said...

Marianne Novy is your advisor?! Wow, she is so awesome (I love her books). What a perfect mentor for an adoptee writer! Please give her my best regards.