Tuesday, June 9, 2009

California's Calling

Tomorrow I leave for my big 3-week California trip. A solo professional venture/ exploration/vacation. 

First stop, Los Angeles. The Mixed Roots Literary and Film Fest, where I'll be presenting some excerpts from my manuscript. Staying with Carolyn Kellogg, now a staff writer for the LA times book review.

Next, San Diego area. A relaxing week with my lovely aunt, whom I haven't seen since 2006 and have never visited on my own. 

Finally, San Francisco. Voices of our Nation Writing Workshop (VONA) with Asha Bandele. Staying with Patsy, CNF MFA graduate who lived in my current room in Pittsburgh before I moved in with Adri. Touring the city with some friends Marcela hooked me up with. Visiting April, fellow adoptee. Lots of sights and fun stuff. I'm stoked!

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