Friday, May 8, 2009


I failed to mention a few months back that I won an online "hair narrative" contest on Afrobella's blog! I wrote the story of my hair, and how its transformation to natural has been tangled up in identity issues related to race, adoption, etc. Not sure how many people entered the contest (it was at least 70 when I posted my story a week before the contest closed), but apparently it was good enough to score a prize pack of Curls brand hair products, including hair cleanser, tea conditioner, and--best of all--hair milkshake leave-in conditioner. (see photos)

I've used the products about every other week (alternating with my Carol's Daughter products), and like them pretty well. The conditioner is excellent. So is the leave-in milkshake. The best thing about the milkshake is that it smells absolutely delicious! Seriously it smells more like cupcakes than cupcakes themselves. It's kinda thick, and I have to use it sparingly. Although these products contain mostly organic ingredients, I get more frizz when I use them (compared with Devachan products and Carol's Daughter) and usually go more days between washings, but overall they work well. If there were a man in my life close enough to be sniffing my hair, no doubt he'd rate these products highly! 

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