Friday, December 5, 2008

Adam's and Eve's Hair

What kind of hair did Adam and Eve have?  
Most likely peppercorn hair, the oldest documented hair in the world. Aboriginal peoples in Africa (the birthplace of mankind) have this hair, and there are isolated tribes today whose members maintain this short "pepper-like" style, such as the Khoisan of South Africa and the Adamanese people. The hair is short--it never grows more than a few inches--and is gathered in tiny clusters all over the head. Quite cute, really. And perfect for sub-tropical living. Why, you ask? Curly hair gives what has been described as a "radiator effect," an adaptation to very hot, equatorial climates. It pulls heat and sweat away from the head in a spongelike way, helping maintain adequate body temperature under that blaring sun. It's naturally dry, too, so it drinks up the moisture. I used to notice this about my own hair--it would soak up water likety-split, and dry time after a shower was 5 minutes flat. 

The evolutionary trait of straight hair came later, as people migrated north and adapted to colder climates. They needed more hair to cover their heads and keep the heat in. 

This is why I say Adam and Eve were black, period. And on their heads were kinky little clusters that kept them from sweating too much as they pranced around their jungle paradise. 

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