Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amen, At Last

It is over. At last.

The most drawn-out, tense election in history, during the most stressful economic times America has ever known. The campaigning, the media attacks, the SNL skits, the Bristol Palin pregnancy jokes, the hate ads, the slander. Over.

We now have a man with true integrity headed to the White House. A man who can speak intelligently, who seeks to build bridges and bring change. A man who listens. Back when no one knew his name he listened to poverty-stricken residents of South Chicago, he listened to a gathering of newly unemployed factory workers in Galesburg, Illinois (my hometown).

We now have a man who represents the look of America headed to the White House--not a rich, privileged white male who has never known poverty or the sting of racism or a language other than English. Obama is mixed, white and black, as America is mixed. He does not have divided allegiance to either race, as America does. I hope his presence at the top can start to change the thinking around here.

He's got quite the task ahead of him ("get us out of this war!" "fix the economy!" "fix healthcare!" "make college affordable!" "fix NCLB!"), but I agree with my fellow voters that there's no one better for the task. It's time to start fixing.

My prayer to see this man rise to the top has been answered. At last. Obama, at last.

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