Friday, September 5, 2008

"Well, of course Obama will get the black vote, but could Palin get the women?""

Do they think we all base our votes on the constructs of gender, religion, and race that society puts on us? Could Obama really get all the black votes, just because he is black? Not because he is an intelligent and competent patriot? Could we admit that perhaps those people who have dark skin use their minds, they read and research, they vote based on a myriad of values and experiences they’ve had individually? Preposterous.

"The names at the top of the ballot on Nov. 4 will be McCain and Obama, but the juicier battle this fall for an important group of swing voters — white working women with children — may be fought between the other two stars of the Republican and Democratic conventions, Sarah Palin and Hillary Rodham Clinton.", 9-5-08

Let us reduce people to skin color, gender, religion, because people are not more than the sum of their parts, and those parts are solely what motivates them.

Sometimes I hate the media.

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Erin said...

I agree. I pretty much always hate the media.