Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama's VP

I've been a fan of Obama from the beginning. From his humble beginnings in my home state of Illinois. I find that he is honest and true to his word. He once came to a factory nearby my hometown when it was closing. We're talking rural Illinois here, WAY far from Chicago and the "politically important" people. And he listened. This was especially touching because Illinoisians living outside of Chicago often feel ignored. Dad and Mom lived in the state capitol, Springfield, for a few years after I moved away. Dad complained that our governor (whose name no one can pronounce) did not stay in the city for the night as he was supposed to on certain meeting days, but flew his private jet back to Chicago immediately at voters' expense.
Obama wants to do things differently, and he preaches about change, which our country most desperately needs. He does not support this expensive, disgusting war. He does not believe that global warming is a conspiracy theory or propaganda against America's capitalist economy. Thank God.

I was hoping Obama would choose Bill Richardson. But I also knew that two minorities running together would be too much for many Americans to accept. Sad.

Biden, I'm not sure about. I don't know him like I know Obama. By appearances, he seems to be what some angrily say is "old washington." Sure, he's older, and he's been around for 30-some years. But "lack of experience" was a weakness for Obama in the primaries. He's white. No one will accuse him of being Muslim. He hasn't committed adultery (that we know of). He's from Pennsylvania, a swing state.

I think Biden seems to be a smart choice, and I trust Obama's faith in him. Now let's get them elected so we can finally have faith in our country again.

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Yay Obama! :)