Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back Home in Pittsburgh

That's right. I said "home." It really is starting to feel that way.
After a week of jet lag in Columbus, hanging out with Brandon, checking in with work, I moved to my new apartment in Pittsburgh and was once again thrown into the flurry of a new school year. Preparing to teach Freshman Comp (the materials for which I did not receive over the summer by some administrative mistake), unpacking and setting up the new place, buying books for the classes I'm taking, preparing for the upcoming retreat, preparing to start the Fuel and Fuddle reading series, trying to find a moment to write. I almost cracked on Tuesday. Literally. I then decided that with the extra load of classes and other things going on this semester I simply do not have time to worry about the following fairly-usual concerns:

Reading every possible book that could in some way be related to my manuscript
Money spent on food
Money spent on entertainment
Responding to e-mails immediately
Responding to phone calls immediately
Stressing about doing the absolute best in my classes--I'll just have to do what I can
Stressing about writing the absolute best manuscript by April
Working out 3 times/week--it will probably end up being once or twice
Thinking about everything that's on my plate right now (just ignore it, or as Brandon says, "Don't look down.")

So far this has helped me not over-stress the past week. Stress is such a natural part of how I deal with things that I feel a little fake, like something is missing. But it's also kind of nice. Perhaps this can be a small improvement that will outlast the semester.

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