Monday, July 28, 2008

New Students--Last session!

The new students for our final 10-day session are great. They are motivated and excited, which is a change from last session. It’s amazing how the dynamic of a class can make such a big difference. If the majority of the class is studious, I think it motivates others to do their best as well. If there are several bad seeds, it can really throw off the balance of the class and make things much more difficult.

I am getting a little exhausted, though, to be honest. By the end of the program we will have taught 26/30 days, meaning we really only had 1-day weekends. Plus we've been cramming sight-seeing adventures and other experiences in there too.

There are a few things I miss: Brandon (this is a constant), sunrises that occur at normal times--NOT 4:30 AM, bread, cheese, and even McGraw (aren't I a nerd? I can't help it.)

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