Monday, July 28, 2008

Chinese Fashion Sense

Many Chinese, especially those here in the richest city of China, have great fashion sense. But often you’ll see clashing patterns in one outfit (plaid with flower print, animal print with Hawaiian pattern). And guess what’s all the rage, as in everyone has them and wears them with everything, regardless of whether it matches?: Crocs. Big, floppy, holed-rubber shoes in bright, clashing colors. I have never liked Crocs—I think they’re cute on children because they look like children’s shoes. But everyone wears them, all the time. Check out this picture of a woman wearing flower-print silk pajamas, a sun visor (more on these to come), and bright, ever-obnoxious purple Crocs. What a combo!


wren said...

Libby! I feel so silly! I knew your blog link and haven't been checking it... now I know I've been missing some fantastic stories. Enjoy China! We will swap more stories when we both return for the fall... :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it :)

I'll confess, I kind of want a pair of crocs. When they were new, I had the same "WTF?" feelings about them because they're clearly the ugliest pieces of footwear ever invented. However, all their fans tell me they're also the most comfortable things ever (and comfort tends to win out over fashion in my book). But if I ever decide to cave to the fad, I promise I'll get something nice and neutral-colored--no bright purple paired with flowers and animal print :)