Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hurts. When someone you're dating decides they just don't like you, or think that things won't work out, after a time of getting to know you, this is painful, but it’s just another part of dating. You move on. Happens all the time.

When someone who is supposed to be your birth father denies your existence even while you are in the womb, then again as an adult, never having met you or known you, this is a rejection of a stranger. It is non-specific. It doesn’t have anything to do with who you are, or your worthiness. This kind of rejection is even less individualized than that of a rejection from a literary magazine that decides your work won't fit with the current issue, or of a company that decides you aren’t the right candidate for the job. This kind of rejection is not rejection, really. It isn’t supposed to hurt.

But yet it does.


wren said...

Look! I found you too! You started a blog! Yay you!

I'm really interested in this last post. I am thinking you received a rejection slip from silly literary thing that did not realize your potential. From writer to writer: it's okay to hurt. From Professional Writer: Madeleine L'Engle said that she would always allow herself 24 hours to feel really miserable about it, and then she'd tell herself to get back to the page.

When are we going to hang out?

Liberty said...

Actually, no. It was more about the other rejection. :)

Shannon said...

Libs, there are some people who will never reject you. Rest in that.

love you,